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Tongue Twisters to Help You Talk

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8.5″ x 8.5″
Full Color
48 pages; paperback
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These tongue twisters can trip up even the most talented talker.
Green goblins giggle in a dragon’s dingy domain.
Worms writhe and snakes slither toward menacing mice,
all while puppies prance perkily.

Tongue twisters have been around since the first humans tried to speak to each other and stumbled over their words. Every language, including sign language has them because they’re fun and challenging. They also have a practical benefit. Every culture admires the skill of being well spoken.

This collection was written by an imaginative 10 year-old girl in speech therapy for an articulation problem. She disliked the drills she was given, so she created and illustrated a series of tongue twisters. After she graduated from art school many years later, she updated her favorites from the collection and illustrated them into this charming little book for other children to enjoy. Because they were originally written from the child’s perspective, they’re about the things children find interesting.

Tongue twisters can benefit any child because being well spoken is a skill every successful person must have. Poor articulation and speech patterns are so ingrained into our culture that it’s in the movies, music and every form of media children use. This simple and proven tool can help develop the skill of clear speech in any child – all while having fun.

The book includes funny illustrations and fun facts about each twister, along with definitions for unfamiliar words. All of this combined makes this little book an interesting challenge few children can resist as they learn through play.